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Make Easy Money through Online Surveys

Online Surveys are one of the oldest ways in the internet history to earn some good amount of online income directly from home. Anyone who wants to earn money through online surveys doesn't need to go anywhere from home.  

One needs just an internet connection and some relevant site links that use to provide these paid online surveys. I said, paid online surveys because there are plenty number of sites today who provides fake surveys and make there members just an idiot.

Now before getting into the details of this online filling of surveys first we need to understand why these surveys are conducted, by whom are they organized, what is the purpose of it, who all can take it, what is the benefit of doing so etc etc.

First of all let me tell you who all organize these surveys. These surveys are basically organized by big companies or organizations who manufactures some or the other products or services. Earlier before launching any product or service number of people were hired by the organization for the marketing and research purpose. 

This was done so as to know what is the market strength for the product they were going to launch and who all are the targeted users to it. But this way took lot of time and money. So, from both time and money point of view this way was not convenient.

So, now a days companies has started doing the same work in the form of online surveys. Through this method their cost decreased and also time limit. Now as the new product is launched, before its launching a market research is done in the form of online surveys so as to know the public opinion about the new product. 

This helps them greatly in improvisation of their products and helps them to recover from heavy losses that they may incur if these surveys are not performed properly and on time. Their are many examples that proof this statement. For example:-

1) New Coke 
We all know about the coca cola company. The famous coca cola drink!!!! But one great mistake they did. They launched a new product into the market that was NEW COKE without any prior survey and that resulted in a disaster for them making hundreds and thousands of dollars of loss.

2)Crystal Pepsi
 Same as Coca cola company, the Pepsi repeated the same mistake. They launched a new drink named crystal Pepsi. Earlier it seemed it has the strength to capture the market but later it failed badly. The same problem when Pepsi was working not only fine but good then why people will switch to another drink of same kind. If survey would have done they wouldn't have faced the losses.

3) McDonald’s Arch Deluxe Burger
4) Ford Edsel
5) Macintosh TV

These are some of the products hat failed in the market immediately after their launch as they lacked poorly market research and these online surveys.

Now its very clear who all use to organize these surveys and what is the motive behind it-to have minimum or nil losses. Everyone whether he is a student, businessman, service class , a youngster or any old man. Everyone is eligible for taking these online surveys. No age limit no qualification is required for doing so. It means if you are a student then also you can earn a good amount of money online by side with your studies just by filling some good online surveys.

As this method of making money online became popular, many people made so many fake sites or say sites that provides fake surveys resulting in wastage of time. Now you must be thinking what anyone will get by doing so as no one does anything without any personnel interest. I will tell you why they do so. Before they provide you any survey to fill up they ask you to become their registered member. While you register yourself with them they ask for some basic information of yours like your name, contact number, vehicle that you own etc. All this information is very useful to them.  

Their are many vendors today who need basic information of their targeted users. These site owners who provide fake surveys have a tie up with the vendors. They get reasonable amount of money paid by these vendors in return of your basic information. They use to sell the information of their registered members to the vendors and in return they are paid good amount of money.

So, before starting taking any Online Surveys just confirm whether they are valid or fake. There are some sites that i know that provides valid surveys. Some of them are:


These are some of the sites that actually pay its users on the completion of the survey. Once you are registered with any number of the above or valid sites that do this opinion research then time to time you will be receiving number of surveys for your opinion and research. And you have a time period of about 2-3 days to complete it. As soon as you complete and submit your survey form you will receive direct cash into your account. Some do use to pay in form of cheques. That depends with which vendor you are registered and which form of payment does he likes.

Now comes how much do the company pay for each survey. Actually this figure depends from company to company and survey to survey. It depends on company how much its going to pay its users. It also depends on for which product the survey is being conducted and who all are the targeted users to it. If the users of the product are very high then the survey is costly and the members who fill such surveys are highly paid.

So, this is all for this article. I hope the information provided must be useful for all my readers. Do leave your comment or any opinion if you feel so to convey to me.


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