Monday, May 14, 2012

Make Money By Posting Links

Till now whenever i have talked about making money online, most of the time i have been telling you that traffic is the key for money making. If you have good traffic to your site or blog then there are always good chances of making more and more money online. Now in today's topic i'm going to discuss how you can build up traffic to your site?

One of the most effective way of pulling traffic to your site is backlinks. The more backlinks you have, the more traffic will be diverted towards your site. You can earn money by building or posting links for your website. If you have more number of backlinks then, not only you have more traffic diverted to your site hence more money, but also your website has a greater chance of appearing on Google’s and other search engines first page of search results.

To understand completely this link building or posting links you first need to understand the concept of Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is everything about increasing traffic to websites. In order to build up links you can post your link to quality directories. There are many types of directories and its up to you where you want to post link to increase your earning. Make sure that directory which you are choosing is actually effective and determined to add value to your links.
Types of Directories
Bid For position: In this you need to bid to get listed and to gain a good position.
Free directory Submission: No fees is charged for submission or for review
Affiliate directories: Such type of directory earns commission per referral.
No follow – search engines doesn’t credit the link
Paid Directory: Fees is charged for submitting and posting link.
Reciprocal link Directory – Your link is listed only when your website links back to the directory.
No Reciprocal Link Directory: No Back linking is required.

Post Articles On Squidoo
Squidoo is a publishing platform where people post articles on different topics. While posting articles contextual links are posted at the bottom of each article. Submitting your website link on squidoo can help client greatly in bringing their website link in top most search results and hence improved ranking. Submitting articles on squidoo is for free and anyone can use it to submit their aricles with their website backlink.

Article Marketing
Marketing is the key for any business to be successful. Same applies for online businesses. You need to do Internet marketing to make your website and blog a big success and to achieve the targetted traffic. For doing marketing of your website you need to do marketing of your articles. This is known as Internet article marketing. There are many online article directories which you can use to promote your website and articles.

The most well known article directory is This is one of the most effective article directory known since past many years. Another article directory that you an use to do your article marketing is This is again a very good online article directory for promoting your website and for building up link.

Create Your Social Profile
Create and use your social profile for building up back links and to increase traffic to your site. When you use these social websites for promoting your link then, your website is quickly indexed. They even help you in driving mass traffic to your website. Some of the most important social bookmarking sites are Twitter, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc.

Forum Marketing
Also known as Group Marketing. You can even use group/forum marketing for building up backlinks and driving more traffic to your site. On forums generally people keep on discussing on different topics. You can also participate actively in their discussion and while discussion post your links in between of discussion. This will help client to bring into notice its website link and hence will also divert traffic to it.


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