Friday, January 20, 2012

Make Money from Online Gaming

Believe it or not, online gaming is one of the biggest industry today. The impact is so huge, that this industry is attracting talent from all over the world. Today's article is a bit technical as we deal with making online games.

Making large games is very difficult and often require a team and a lot of time, so we will not consider them. Making small games is very easy once you know some Multimedia technology like Adobe Flash. If you are not aware of Flash, then no issues, you can always join a course from some computer institute for multimedia. I myself made a few games by scrolling some ebooks on Flash. It's easy and addicting.

The games I am talking here are small games like word scramblers, hangman, scrabble, word matching, crosswords, etc. Once you have the basic framework ready for a game, then you can just modify the data to make multiple games of the same type. For example once you made one crossword game, the you can make any number of crossword game by just changing the data and keeping the game format same.

Now come the money part. You can start your own site on which you let the users play these online games, and earn from the ads. Or else you may ask the users to buy the games to play at there local machines. Anyway you will earn good money. Online gaming is addicting, I myself is an addict. I loved to play Mafia Wars and Crazzie Cabbie on Facebook. Also Canyon Defence2 on miniclip is a lovely game.

The main trick to make money from online games is:-
  1. Make your site on which you embed your online games.
  2. Do promotion of your site, so that viewers come to your site.
  3. If the user find any of the games addicting, then he will come again and again. Infact most probably he will bookmark it, thereby increasing your page rank in Google, and also increasing your chances of earning more revenue from the ads displayed on that page.
  4. You can also give the option to let the viewer buy that game, this can help make a decent earning.
There are no free lunches. If you are ready to make some efforts, then money will find your pocket....


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