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100's of ways to earn money online

In today's world may it be a businessman or a service class man or anyone, say mom at home, everyone is looking up for different ways through which they can earn some extra income straight away from sitting at home may be online or offline. Earning some extra cash or income is becoming a dream of everyone. In this article I, will make you familiar with number of ways to earn money online that could help you to earn some extra income if done as a part time and it could even help you to earn your living too if done as a full time job that is with full dedication-devoting full time and energy.

We all know very well that internet is a great source of information but many few of us know that it is also a great source of earning your living. Yes, its true and I'm telling you this with my own experience. Since last 2years I'm studying it and also earning a good income and now i can say that i know something about it. Till now i can't say that i know everything regarding this vast source of earning online money. Its too deep and large to study and get to know every aspect of this online earning income.

There are number of ways of earning online money. It depends on one's personnel choice or expertise in which he is interested. Some of the ways are listed below:-

1) Make money through Domaining 
Domain name business is one of the newest and less known way of making easy money, and too very fast. If you want to be millionaire and can't wait any more then try out this method of earning online Money. This method deals with buying and selling of domain names. 

There are many sites who provides domain name and space on little charge to be payed yearly. You can buy as many number of domain names by them by paying very little amount and then sell back to any other customer who need it and your desired rate. Many more possibilities are there in this way of earning online money. Read More Here....

2) Make Easy money through Online surveys 
We all know about surveys. Surveys are the ways through which companies take the feedback of the users of their products. If companies take surveys properly then it can save the loss of thousand's and million's of dollars. Hence, any large or small company now days prefer to take surveys before launching any new product into the market.

Now if they hire manpower for this purpose to reach out their targeted customers it becomes too costly and also not an efficient way to get the results. So, now they use to give these online surveys that needs to be filled to a middle party and that in turn distribute these surveys to their registered member's and with the help of these middle party they use to reach out their targeted customers and their opinion and judgment. 

For doing this companies use to pay a reasonable fair amount of money to the middle party and middle party pays to the members who had done the survey successfully. To Know More Read Here......

3) Make easy online money through Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing means selling the product of any company and after selling its product getting a part of profit as a return. This amount may be 5% of the profit or 10% or even more depending upon the company whose product you are selling and also on the product which you have sold. It varies from company to company and product to product. 

The best part of this way of making money is that you have no money investment. You just need to register yourself with any company or site like amazon or ClickBank. Amazon and ClickBank now days are the best known sites for online selling and affiliate marketing. Read More Here.....

4) Make online Money through Blogging 
Another way of making easy money online is blogging. Blogging came into picture hardly 10-12 years before and soon became so popular that nowadays it has become one of the largest way of making some good online money just by sitting at home.
Blogging basically refers to your own site where you use to post articles on any topic of your interest. Just the difference is that you don't need to make the entire site right from the scratch. Their are many sites that provides free templates and also helps to manage your blog very easily. Some of the best known sites for this purpose are and Though there are many other but these two are main. Read More Here.....

5) Make easy money through Facebook 
We all have been knowing facebook as a social site where people meet and share their thoughts, chat, message etc. etc. But hardly some of us know that facebook is not only a social site but it does provides the way to earn some good amount of income online. Yes, this is true. Now if you have your account on facebook than by chatting with your friend's online you can also earn a fair amount of money also just in the same time. Facebook does supports this online buying and selling of the products, services and affiliate marketing too. Read More Here......

6) Make Money through Forex trading 
What is Forex Trading? What does Forex means? Forex means Foreign Exchange. Trading Currencies in foreign exchange market is known as Forex Trading. It is one of the most traded financial market in the  world. Most of us are familiar with Stock Market. What it is, what is BSE, NSE etc. etc. But very few of us know what Forex trading is.

Like stock market deals with buying and selling of stocks, this Forex market deals with buying and selling of currency pairs. By currency pair i mean to say that you buy or sell or exchange some currency with respect to another. For example Euro versus Dollar and it is represented as EUR/USD. Like stock market is a very good place to invest your savings to earn money similarly Forex Trading is. Read More....

7) Make money through E-bay  
E-bay is a online buying and selling site. E-bay does promotes this affiliate marketing program. Like, E-bay is also one of the oldest site that promotes this online buying and selling of the products. You can buy as well as sell your products online on e-bay. For selling you can buy and stock your products and them sell them online but this involves great risk. 

So, another way is you can first sell the products and once they are sold then you can actually buy them. You must be thinking how is it possible. Read Here....

8) Money making through Google adsense 
As above i have told you about blogging. Apart from blogging you can also build up your entire new site of your area of interest and than you can make money through Google adsense. You must be thinking how this is possible and why Google will let you earn money through it. 

Be it a blog or your own site Google supports both of them to earn some good amount of income on daily basis and that too very easily. This all happens through the ads that Google posts on your blog or site depending upon the topic and content that it provides and supports. Ads are one of the......

9) Make money by selling e-books 
E-book means an online book that is available on the internet. In today's world everything is available on the internet whether it may be a book, or any recipe, or any home product, beauty product or anything whatever you can think of. 

Everything is available online and so are books. Any book related to any subject, if you are unable to get it in the market than you can get it online in the form of e-book. You will get its hard copy as well as the soft copy. Above i have told you about the sites that supports online buying and selling of the products. You can create any book related to your interest area and then, Read more about this......

10) Make money by ClickBank
In recent Years, ClickBank has emerged as a very good way to earn some good amount of online money just from home. ClickBank is an Internet Marketing Business technique. By this I mean, anyone who is looking forward to earn handful amount of income just from home and a part time business too then it is just a right place for it. Read More....

11) Make money through Freelancing 
Freelancing is being your own boss. A person who works as a freelancer is said to be freelancing. It is basically an independent job. In this work no one is bounded to anyone. Neither the employer nor the employee. 

Both are set free in this field. If anyone feels like working for anyone and on the other end if one feels like giving his work to someone then they can .No one needs to be answerable to anyone in any case. Both are entirely independent. To know more read here.....

12) Make money through
Amazon need not any Introduction. It is already a very big brand name. Since years it has established itself as one of the best online retailer seller. Yes, is actually an Online Retailer Seller. Like we see so many shops around us that are retailers, similarly is also an online retailer. To know more read here.....

13) Make Money Through Adwords
Before getting into how one can earn money through Adwords you should know what adwords is? Adwords is the name for Google's advertising program that is Pay-per-Click (PPC). It is the main Google's advertising product and the main source of revenue. It is way to get your site ranked in top 10 sites and Read More Here.....

14) Make Money Through Share Market 
Share Market is not any more new to anyone. Even children's now know about this market. This is also known as Stock Market or NSE-BSE market. There are multiple ways in this market to earn money just from home. You don't need any agent or broker for this purpose. Its not just about Buying and selling scripts. Its much more. Want to know more Read Here......

15) Commodity Trading

Like Share Market, Forex Trading, there is also Commodity Trading. May be many of our reader's don't know about this. This is not as same as share market. Its different from it. In this we use to buy or sell commodities not shares like Gold, Silver, Iron, oil, Tea, Rice, Wheat, Sugar etc. There are many more commodities in which Read Here...

16) Buy and Sell websites

If you are not a technical person but though have keen interest in websites then you can try out this way of making money. Internet is the hub of websites. There are many people who build up small sites and are ready to sell them at very low cost. You can simply buy those sites and can get them developed according to you by outsourcing it and Read More Here...

17) Create Small Tools and Sell Online 

You can even create your own small tools and sell them online to make money. These tools could be anything like any small application or software, any audio or video or any product, service etc. There could be multiple things that you can create and sell and Read More Here....

18) Buy and Sell on Ebay

Basically Ebay is a place where you can sell your own products or services. If you are in manufacturing of any certain product or you want to sell some of your stuff then Ebay is the right place for all these things. But you might be not knowing that you can even buy and sell back again on Ebay and Read More Here.....

19) Sell your blog 

There are multiple sites that offer you to build up your blogs very easily. In one of my article I have explained this thing thoroughly. But you can even make money by selling your blogs. You can create several blogs on different topics or same as you feel and sell them online to make money. Read More Here...

20) Sell your Website 

If you are a technical person and have good knowledge about one or two programming languages and scripts then can surely make good money by selling your websites. Like selling blogs, you can also sell your websites. Blogs is the choice for ones who are non-technical.

But if you are techie person then, i would like to say that you should go for creating websites and Read More Here.....

21) Make Money Through YouTube

Today anyone, who is using computer or having knowledge about it or not doesn't matters but he definitely knows about YouTube. What it is? and why we use it? YouTube also provides us very good way to earn some money. It is a site basically to upload and view videos of different categories. You can also create your own videos and Read More Here.....

22) Home Loan Re-financing 

What is Home Loan Re-financing? It is to re-finance your existing loan. But there are few things that needs to be followed before re-financing your loan otherwise instead of making money you can be in great trouble. There are no any fix rule to follow. Its all game about your instinct and your luck that needs to favor and Read More Here....

23) Start your own online business
Today everyone wants to become one's own boss. No one wants to work under anyone else. Earlier it was very difficult to start one's own business but now it costs very little to get started. In fact sometimes you can begin a business venture online without using any money and Read Here....

24) Sell Photographs
Photography is a very easy thing that everyone can do and all of us do have keen interest in doing it. If you are really passionate about your photography skills and want to make it as your profession then you can simply click some very nice, lively and unique photographs and sell them online to make money. There are Read More Here...

25) Make Money By Bringing Referrals
You might have heard and experienced also till now that how to make money by promoting or selling products of another company. But you might be not knowing that you may also get paid if you bring referrals to some company. Yes, its true. There are companies that pay you when you bring referrals to them as Read More Here...

26) Make iPhone Apps and make money
Today's era is a digitized era. Every one is talking about computers, mobile phones, iPhone, iPods etc. All these things are combination of different small applications that makes it so interesting and entertaining. Now if you can create any small application that is useful in any iPhone or mobile then you can make a great deal of money through it. Read Here

27) Write reviews to make money
The most simplest and the easiest way to earn online money that i consider is writing reviews for others article or websites or blogs. If you are not interested in affiliate marketing program nor you want to blog or build website or anything like that, then, you can simply write reviews for others and make money online. Read More Here.....

28) Make Money By Pyramid Scheme Model
Pyramid Model or say Pyramid scheme both are the same thing. In Pyramid scheme participants make money by recruiting other people in the network. Pyramid scheme is basically a network based business model in which end result is nothing means no real investment or sales of any products or services to the people. Read More Here....

29) Make Money By MLM Multilevel Marketing 
MLM stand for Multi level marketing. It is a very popular way to make easy money fast. It is also one of the form of Pyramid scheme model. In this also money flows from top to down in the pyramid and mostly top level people make most part of the money. Lower level people hardly earn something. Read More Here...

30) Make Money From Home
There are multiple ways to earn easy and fast money just from home. May be many of those you must be knowing, but the only thing is that we don't pay attention to those. Like by simply uploading your cooking recipes or by simply giving some easy and quick cooking tips you can earn money. There are many more ways like this Read Here....

31) Make Money From Wikipedia
Today most of us do have some blog or our own website running. In order to increase our earning we make lots of effort to increase traffic to our site and blogs. For this we promote our site through different ways available online. Wikipedia is one of the most authentic sites over Internet. So, if you Read Here....

32) AutoSurf A Money Making Idea
Autosurfs are traffic exchanges that automatically rotate advertised websites in one's web browser. Thus, they are able to bring large amount of traffic to the advertised websites. Traffic exchange are the type of website that provide a service to the webmasters in exchange of traffic. For More Read Here....

33) Make Money From Your English Skills
You must be thinking how one can earn money from his/her English skills. But yes, this is true. Anyone can easily make money from his God given skills or by the skills that develops over the time period. There are multiple ways to do so. Read Here To Know More....

34) How Teenagers Can Make Money
Today even Teens wants their own independent earning. Apart from their pocket money that they get, they want some way through which they can earn some extra money for them and for their parents. Here I'm discussing few tips through which teenagers can make some money easily. Read Here.... 

35) Make Money Through BlogSpot
Today blogs, weblogs, blogging etc are the few words everyone talking about. Today many people do blogging simply to share their thought and opinion on different topics. But then there are few who are Business-minded and want to convert this sharing of thoughts into some bucks that is to bring in a little cash. Read More Here....

36) Let Bling Bling Make Money For You 
Bling Bling refers to very showy or ostentatious things. Usually it is used in terms of jewellery, bracelets, chains, lockets, might be cell phones or gadgets. These items are always in demand and people are generally crazy about these things. They are always ready to pay anything to get such items. Read Here....

37) Start An Author Mill To Make Money
Author Mill refers to publishing or producing large number of books by different authors. Usually these books are not very popular, and are work of an individual as a hobby or passion. Now it has become relatively easy for everyone to explore new possibilities. Writing and publishing books is one of them. More Read Here....

38) Make Money From Credit Cards
You must be thinking how one can make money through credit cards. But yes, its true. If you pay little attention and be conscious about your payments done to the bank then, you can save and earn some money through it. I'm not telling that it is any way to get rich quickly but yes, for sure one can easily make some extra bucks through it. Read Here How.... 

39)Make Money From Online Gaming
 Today almost everyone is addicted to these online games. From children's to adults everyone use to play these online games and spend several hours like this only. You can even make money through it. If you have some technical knowledge and know any multimedia technology along with it then, you can easily make money out of it. Read Here....

40) Start An NGO to Make Money
An non-governmental organization (NGO) is a body formed by people and it is independent of any government role. NGO's are mostly formed for a good cause like charity, environment,education,etc. I personally recommend that if you do start an NGO, then do serve the purpose for which you have started it. Read Here to know How you can make some extra bucks through it....

41) Make Money With Google
Google Adsense is a simple program conducted by Google through which people can earn some extra cash by displaying ads on their websites or blog. There are basically two ways through which one makes money through Google: one is PPC Pay Per Click and another is CPM that is Cost Per Thousand Page Impression. Read More Here....

42) Make Money Through Internet 
Make money online or make money through Internet is one and the same thing. Yes, there are multiple ways to make money through Internet, but again nothing could be achieved within a day or month. It takes time and lots of effort. Like any other business or job it does require 8-10 hours daily hard work to get good money out of it. Read Here.... 

43) Make Money Through PayPal
PayPal is a service that helps you to make or receive payment without revealing your financial information to merchants and sellers. It is one of the safest and fastest way available today over the Internet for transferring money. You need to simply have an account with PayPal and you can start right away to make money with it. Read Here....

44) 7Ways To Make Money Without A Website
Till now we have talked much about how to make money with a website, a blog or something like that. But now we will discuss how you can make money online without a website or anything like that. Yes, you can make fair amount of money without a website also. There are multiple ways to do so. Read Here.....

45) Make Money Through Craigslist
Wikipedia definition for Craigslist: Craigslist is a centralized network of online communities featuring free online classified advertisements, with sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, for sale, services, community, gigs, resumes, and discussion forums. There is a For Sale section where you can make money easily online. Read Here....

46) Make Money With MySpace
Like facebook, twitter, Digg it is also a social networking site where you can use your social network to create an extra stream of income. Yes, you can easily make some money through MySpace like through promoting products, selling digital products, selling advertise space etc. Read Here....

47) Make Money Through Answering Questions
By simply sharing your knowledge and giving answers to questions you can earn lot of money online. Everyone is expert about something so, why not just share your knowledge and give your opinion on different subject matter questions and earn some extra bucks. There are sites like, etc. that pays you money just for sharing your knowledge. Read Here....

48) Get Paid For Reading Emails
There are many scams running online on the name of making money through reading emails. Most of the companies make fool of the people by saying earn easy cash. But there are also few companies who actually pays out for reading emails that they use to sent. You need to simply give 1-2 hour daily according to your convenience and you can make money just from home. Read Here....

49) Work From Home Data Entry Jobs
Large companies usually have bulk of data to be entered daily in their records and any mistake or inconsistency cannot be tolerated. So, for this job they daily need hundreds of people for doing data entry. Though there are many scams that are running on the name of data entry jobs but few are legitimate also. One can earn a good amount of money through this data entry jobs. Read Here....

50)Make Money Through File Sharing
Making money through simply sharing and uploading your files online is a new way to make money over the Internet. You can earn a good amount of money by sharing your files online. The number of times your uploaded file is downloaded you earn money. Also you can make money by bringing referrals to those sites where you upload your files. Read Here..... 

51) Get Paid To Comment
Along with blogging many other small online businesses came into existence like writing paid articles, submitting blog to different web directories, building back-links for a website or blog, referring friends, watching videos etc. Similarly posting comments is also an online business. For each comment you post you receive some commission. Read Here.... 

52) Make Money On eHow
eHow is a site where you get "How-To", "About-", "How Does" articles related to different categories ranging from computers to gardening, home, style, food, eat, fitness etc. It is a site where people post small and brief instructional articles. If you are not a blogger and you enjoy reading and writing on different topics then you can use eHow to make money from your this writing habit. Read Here.....

53) Make Money Through Cooking
Many of us likes to cook different variety of food in our spare time. Think how good it will be if one can make some money through his passion of cooking. Yes, one can even make an extra source of income through his cooking. For detail Read Here.....

54) Make Money As Jewelry Designer
In this such a fast pace world most of us are looking for an alternative source of income. Though their are multiple options available that you can follow to make money, but everyone should choose the way in which he has interest and complete knowledge. If you are good at jewelry designing and you do have complete knowledge regarding jewelry business then you can simply make money from home by designing jewelries. Read Here..... 

55) Make Money As An Online Tutor
 Teaching online and giving tutions to the students all over the world no matter where you are situated or where they are is a new way to make money online. If you are good at teaching and you like this profession along with it you have deep knowledge of your subjects then you can make goos money as an online tutor. Read Here.....

56) Make Money Without Investment
There are different types of online money making opportunities over the Interent, but only few people make out real source of income through it. This is so because people think it as a very easy task and after some time when they don't get immediate results they start loosing their patience. If you really want to make money without investment online you really need to be very patient. Read Here.....

57) Make Money With Cafepress
Cafepress is a site which act as an online marketplace where anyone can open his own online shop and sell their products as an online retailer and even user gets products that are specially customized according to them and then sold. You are paid for your deasign that is sold on cafepress. Read Here....

58) Make Money As A Fitness Trainer
Today, the personal fitness training business is growing at a such a speed as never before. If you are a good fitness trainer and along with it you have sales and marketing tactics and do understand human behavior then, you can earn very good money as being a personal fitness trainer and thus you can have your own successful business. Read Here.... 

59) Get Paid For Designing Logos 
If you are a designer and know some graphics tools like adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator... then, you can earn lot of money through your creativity and talent in this designing industry and the business world. Instead of designing big banners or some other graphic designs, you can simply be a logo designer of any company. For More Read Here....

60) Make Money Per Download
 Never before has making money been so easy. Simply upload files, get people download them and you make your money. Pay per download networks pays you when people download the files from their server that you uploaded. Read Here.....

61) 7Ways To Make Money From Twitter
Like Facebook, Twitter is also one of the largest social networks on the Internet and also a great advertising and marketing tool. Twitter is a website that follows micro-blogging that is blogging very short messages in 140 characters called as tweets. Their are multiple ways that you can use to make money from twitter. Read Here.....

62) Make Money By Posting Links
In order to make money from almost any of the online business the key is the traffic. The more traffic you get to your website, the more chances get increased of having good earning. In order to increase traffic to your site backlinks play a major role, hence in increasing your earning. Read Here.....
63) 4Steps To Make Money With Google Plus
Google Plus is a new venture launched by Google in 2011. In a very short span of time that is within few months it became a big hit and provided a new source of online income. This is a place where people talk more about their work and business rather then chilling. It was basically launched to counter facebook. Now, how you can make money with Google Plus Read Here.....

64) Make Money From Domain Parking
Domain Parking is one of the method of earning money through Domaining. You simply need to buy or register a domain to start with. Now you let a parking company to park your domain. Now what these parking companies do is that they display ads on your domain and whenever a visitor to your domain visits it and click on ads you make your earning. Read Here.....

65) Make Money From Buying Domain Names
Like investment in real estate always gives you the best returns, same is with Domain Names. Domains Names are considered as Internet real estate property which gives you great returns if invested at right place at right time. Read Here.....

66) Make Money Through Website Flipping
Website Flipping is actually the business of buying and selling of websites. You can either buy entirely a new website, develop it and then sell it making your money or can buy a developed website from someone else, revamp it and then sell it back at good returns. You can do anything likewise. Read Here.....
67) Make Money From Expired Domain Names 
Domain names that have been previously registered but not renewed by the owner due to any reason are termed as Expired Domains. There are many reasons for which domains get expired like owner got forgot to renew it, or he don't want to continue that project any more so he left it, or they have moved on to different projects etc. Most of the people think that expired domains don't have any value where as very few know its value and know its money just waiting to get picked up from the street. Read More Here.....

68) Make Money With Your Website
Like before i, discussed how you can make money through your blogs, similarly now we will discuss how we can make money through a website. Website are one of the great ways to make money online just from home. There are multiple ways to monetize your website and earn thousands of dollars easily. Most of them we have discussed earlier also but here in this article once again i'm listing and discussing them with few new ways. Read Here.....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Make Money From Metacafe

Like Youtube, Metacafe is also an online video streaming site. Here also just like youtube, you can watch, share, upload, or even download the videos for free. You don't need even any account to do so but for uploading new videos you need a one. Metacafe pays you $5 per every 1000 views your video gets and getting 1000 views per video is not a big deal.

If you have some of your own original videos like funny videos, nursery rhymes, entertaining videos, technical videos anything then you can simply start uploading them and start your earning. But before uploading you need to get register with them which is free of cost.

In order to get registered visit metacafe's website, scroll down and click "Content Partners". Once you fill up the form and submit it, the metacafe team will go through it and verify it. Once you are qualified your account gets activated. Now you can start uploading your videos. Metacafe even allows you to upload same videos to other websites also simultaneously like MySpace, YouTube, Spymac etc.

The only rule with which metacafe abides you in order to receive payment is that the content you upload should be your original one not a copied one. It should not contain any pornographic or adult content. And it must maintain 3.0 community rating. To receive your payment your account should reach the minimum payout of 100$, then only metacafe makes your payment.

Your videos should gain good rating to achieve good number of viewership within no time. Rating has a great role to play in improving your video viewership. Once your video achieve 4to5 rating then, it is displayed on the homepage of the website that has a solid effect on its page views. In this case you simply need to sit back and watch dollars role in.

To improve more and more your video's viewership you can also promote them using your blog or forums. You can even share it on bulletins, within your social network etc. Use your friends network to get high page views and to improve your video's ranking.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

17Ways To Make Money With Your Website

There are number of ways to make money from your website. Here in this discussion I'm listing few best ways through which you can make money from your website. Actually if you have been reading my previous posts then, with most of the ways you are familiar before only. I'm just going to list them here again in a combined way.

  1. Google Adsense
    Google Adsense is the most popular way to make money through your blog or website. You need to sign up with Adsense program of Google which is of free and in turn google will display ads along with your content on your website. Each time the ad is clicked you make your money.

    This is actually a PPC (Pay Per Click) Program in which you are paid on per click basis. This is also sometimes referred as Cost-Per-Click program i.e CPC programs. More number of ad clicks, the more you earn. Read Make-Money-Through-Adsense. Some of the most popular CPC Advertising network include
    • Google Adsense
    • Chitika
    • Clicksor
    • AdBrite

  2. Google Adwords
    Google Adwords is entirely opposite of adsense though both are the ways provided by google to make money. In adsense, advertisers ads are displayed on your site and you earn based on ads per click. On the other hand, in Adwords you pay google some amount to display your website ad-link on google search result page and also as a result of google adsense on others sites as a text link ad.

    Like this more number of visitors visit your website and frequency of ad clicks also increases. Read Make-Money-Through-Adwords.

  3. Affiliate Marketing
    Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular way to make money over the Internet since last decade. In this system there is a merchant who is willing to pay other people in return they need to sell its products or services directly or indirectly online. This type of advertising is also termed as CPA i.e Cost Per Action.

    You are not only paid based on per sale basis but some merchants do pay for per action like once you redirect your potential customer to the merchants website and they register themselves with them but don't buy anything then also you are paid. Read Affiliate-Marketing. Some of the most popular affiliate marketplace and networks are
    • Commission Junction
    • Azoogle Ads
    • ClickBank

  4. CPM Programs
    CPM programs behave much similarly as PPC programs except that you get paid according to the number of impressions (i.e., page views). CPM refers to the cost for 1,000 impressions. A blog that generates 100,000 page views monthly displaying an advertising banner with a $1 CPM, therefore, will earn $100 monthly.

    There are 100's of CPM advertising network and the rate varies with the network. The better the network, the higher the CPM rate will be.

  5. Sell EBooks
    One of he most known way to make money on the web through your website or blog is to promote ebooks that relates to your website content. Or other way say create and develop your website or blog around a well known eBook and then promote it through your website. As the ebook will get its sale you will also simultaneously make your money. Read Make-Money-Selling-EBooks

  6. Sell Your Product
    You can sell your own product on your website. Once you start getting huge traffic you can promote your own product instead of others product that you do in affiliate marketing and can increase your sale.

  7. Sell Ad Space
    If you have good page rank and good traffic to your website then, you can make good money by simply selling your ad space to the companies that are willing to buy that space to display their product ads. Even if you are new in this field then, also you may get few people that might be willing to buy your websites ad space.

  8. Banner Advertising
    You can sell your own advertising space which is one of the most lucrative monetization method. The major drawback of this method is that to get qualified advertisers you need to have good number of audience and you need to spend time managing sales process.

  9. Text Link Ads
    Text Link ad is a text placed on your website with a hyperlink to some other website generally to a advertiser website. You as a publisher place some text on your site that links your traffic to the the advertisers website helping him increasing their traffic. Advertisers buy links from your websites to drive traffic to their websites, for brand promotion and for improving their website search engine rankings.

    By doing so you get paid some amount on monthly basis yearly basis or you get a lifetime package for such text link ads. There are many sites like (TLA) which is a marketplace for buying and selling text links. Advertisers use it to improve their website popularity and publishers use it to make additional money from their websites and blogs.

  10. Monetization Widgets
    Widgets are the latest trend over the web to monetize your website or blog. Some of these operate under PPC schemes and some under text link ads. You simply need to add a bit of code to your website and its services start. It will display relevant product ads and deals to your website from different merchants.

    It detects and analyzes the content of your website or blog to determine what product offers are most likely to interest your visitors and auto-optimizes your widget rotation based on performance tracking. Some of the most known monetization widgets are:
    • WidgetBucks

  11. Premium Content
    Premium content is perhaps one of the new ways to make money through your website. Some websites and blogs give away a part of their content for free while charge for accessing their premium content and some of their exclusive tools. You have to become their premium member to get access to their entire content. They use to charge on monthly or yearly basis.

  12. Sponsored Reviews
    You can even join any of the sponsored reviews marketplace that will give you the opportunity to write sponsored posts on a wide range of topics. If you have huge traffic to your website you can also offer sponsored posts and make good money out of it.

  13. Paid Surveys And Polls
    There are many companies that pay you to run a small survey or poll online on your website. To start with, you need to sign up with these companies and select what type of surveys or polls you wish to run on your site. Whenever any visitor to your site fills and submit this survey or participate in polling you make your money.

  14. Selling Templates
    You can even sell templates on your website. Now days more and more people are interested in having their online presence thus, website templates and wordpress themes are becoming hotter and hotter. You can sell templates of others like of any designer on your website and can easily get your share of selling it.

  15. Selling or Renting Internal Pages
    If your sites pagerank is very good or you have high traffic to your website then you can easily get people who are interested in your website and would happily pay you for renting your internal webpages to them or even for selling them. Implementing this method on a small blog or website is not possible. For this you should really have a well running website or blog.

  16. Sell Your Website
    Selling your website is again one of the methods that has great potential to generate a big sum of money in a short period of time. There are number of sites online that helps you in buying and selling websites. You can even develop a new website write from the scratch and then sell it or purchase an existing website, revamp it and then sell it and make your profit. This is also known as Website Flipping.

    Also Read Make Money Through Website Flipping, Top5 Sites for Buy and sell Domain/Websites
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Make Money From Expired Domain Names

Till now i have discussed everything related to domain names and different ways how you can make money through it. Now I'm going to discuss how you can even make money from expired domain names.

Expired domains are those domains that were earlier registered by someone but its owner forgot to re-register it, or did not wanted to continue the site so, didn't registered it back again. After the domain registration period is over you have 45days of time period in which you have to renew your site and if due to any reason its left out then its is labeled as an expired domain and is available in the market for sale to which anyone can register.

Many times it has been noticed that expired domain has lot of link popularity and an established source of traffic. In such situation if you get that expired domain name registered then, you will have a site with instant traffic. Actually this is the key of this entire discussion: the traffic that you get for free without doing anything just buying an expired domain name.

There are many online tools, sites as well as script available using which you can get a list of expired domains. Then, its up to you which one you want to register. One of the well known site to get expired domain names list is

You can even visit any of the following link to get the scripts that you can run individually to get all the deleted as well as expired domains.
You simply need to search for the term expired domain name or anything that you want and it will give a complete list of relevant links. However, you may have to pay to get fully featured script.

5Quick ways how to make money through expired domains
  1. Buy And Hold
    Find and register expired domain name that is related to new trends, technology and market. Now simply wait for the time till you get a good buyer for your domain. Once you get it, simply sell it off and book your profit. This is also termed as speculation.

  2. Redirect Traffic
    Register the expired domain that targets your websites keyword. Now use the expired domain names traffic means direct its traffic to your website by using simple redirection service. Like this you can make lots of money by selling your own product or an affiliate product.

  3. Develop Website
    You simply register for an expired domain name that targets hot keywords and can set up your own mini website and make money through it. Visit How To Make Money Through A Website.

  4. Affiliate Programs
    If you are an affiliate marketer then, once you get registered your domain you can simply direct traffic from your website to the website of the actual product or service and receive your commission if redirection results in any sales.

  5. Park Domain
    You can use your registered domain for parking purpose and make money through it. Read How To Make Money Through Domain Parking.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Top5 Sites for Buy and sell Domain/Websites

As I told you, that buying and selling of websites is termed as Website Flipping. For buying and selling websites you can use online marketplace, that is websites itself. Most of the websites that support this buying and selling of websites are premium sites that is they charge you for listing your website with them. But some are free also. You can list your website for sale with them without any cost.

Here I'm listing 5 best sites that I consider for website flipping business. They include:
  • Sedo :
  • Flippa:
  • Sitepoint :
  • Websitebroker :
  • WebhostingTalk :
You can not only use these websites for flipping websites and domains but also for buying and selling of blogs.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Make Money Through Website Flipping

Make Money Through Website Flipping or through buying and selling of websites both are one and the same thing. So, don't get confused when someone talks about these using different words.

This is one of the top ways to make money and many Internet pro are making huge money out of it. The basic idea around it is to develop a website and establish it as one of the successful online venture by creating more and more traffic to it. Once it gets established, then you can sell it off.

You can apply for Google Adsense programs, Adwords program, go for affiliate marketing programs, PPC programs, CPM or anything likewise and make lots of money online. Once it gets popular you can sell it off at a very good price. There are two common ways of website flipping:
  • Create a new Website right from the scratch
  • Buy an existing website, and make it more popular
In the first way it takes more time and effort as you have to start everything right from the scratch. But the best thing about it is that you don't need to do any investment. You can simply start working on your idea and make it a big hit to get good returns.

The second way is to buy someone else website and then popularize it. It is same as we buy a property, renovate it in the best possible way to increase its value and finally sell it at good returns. Same is with buying a website and then turning it into a big success story.

There are three steps involved in this entire process: Buying, Revamping and Selling. Purchase a website or domain that you like to invest on. Before selecting and buying any domain do your research based on the parameters that i discussed in my earlier post Top-Ways-To-Find-Money-Making-Domain.

Once you buy the website now its time to revamp it. Change its look and feel. Make it more smooth and attractive, as look is the first thing that matters. Add relevant content to it and advertise it to make it popular. As it will start becoming popular, it will automatically start pulling traffic.

Now it comes for selling. You can list your site for sale online on different websites. There are many sites available that are purely in the business of this buying and selling of websites business.

See: Top5 Sites for Buy and sell Domain/Websites

Top Ways To Find Money Making Domains

There are two ways you can make money by investing in domains either you buy and register for a new domain or invest in a registered or expired domain. Investing in registered and expired domains always increases your websites visibility and also helps in pulling more traffic within very short span of time. Whether you buy a registered domain or an unregistered domain the question always lies behind in which domain investment will be more beneficial and give good returns.

To ensure that you are making a right decision when you purchase a domain, you need to do a good prior research using different techniques. The domain that you finalize to buy always get to know what traffic it receives and from what all sources. This is always a key to know its popularity and backlinks. There are three methods to evaluate the traffic a domain receives:
Traffic Source
Direct Methods
Indirect Methods

  • Traffic Source
    Apart from above tools and techniques that help to know what traffic a site domain has you also need to get to know traffic sources. Following I'm giving you few ways that you can use to know traffic sources.

    1. Search Engine Listing
      If a sites major source of traffic is through search engine listing then it is considered to be best. You can use "Search Engine Saturation" to know how much traffic a website receives through search engine. Don't forget to look how high the site is listed and frequently its keywords are searched. You can search google for a search engine saturation tool.

    2. Expired Traffic
      If a site was formerly developed one then for some time its earlier visitors keep on visiting the link as they remember it but as you will start removing the content or changing it, it will continue to decline. So, its necessary to get to know which type of traffic it was targeting. Speak with the current owner to know what type of development was made.

    3. Paid Fluctuation
      Sometimes people use to pay some money in order to increase traffic to their site. They also use to advertise their site through banners and advertisements to pull more and more traffic. So, you should know how much traffic is the paid one as once the site is sold, the owner will stop paying for the ads and hence the paid traffic will start declining gradually with the time.

      If a domain receives a couple of hundreds of views a day, and has no Alexa ranking and very few incoming links from low-traffic sites may likely receive paid traffic. You should know it and then only make decision of buying it.

  • Direct Methods
    In this way you simply contact the domain owner and get to know how much traffic the domain receives. The easiest way is to ask directly from the seller. Use following methods to cross check:
  1. Developed Website
    There are many professional statistics program that you can use to know the exact traffic to the developed website. These are basically Traffic Counting scripts that buyers can embed with the website code and get exact figures with reassurance of a third party verified system.

  2. Parked Domains
    If the buyer is interested in a parked domain then, he can directly contact the parking company to know the entire statistics of the selling domain. They provide complete information like traffic to the site, its google's search rank, yahoo's search rank, baclinks and its sources etc. that is 100% authentic.

  • Indirect Methods
    When you are interested in a domain which is not parked and the seller is not able to get you know the visitor statistics then, you can use these techniques to get a guess print of the traffic, its backlink sources etc. Though i won't recommend to fully rely on its results but yes, for sure you can get a rough idea.
    1. Overture Inventory
      This is basically Keyword Selector tool provided by yahoo. If you visit you get the number of domains and websites available for sale and their statistics. This tool is very effective to get to know hoe much traffic a site or domain receives that makes you great help in deciding whether to continue with buying or not.

      Alexa is a well known site to get to know a websites search engines rank, along with its traffic statistics, backlinks and all other information related to a website. It is one of the best known site for this purpose. I, also use alexa most of the time to know my websites search engine's ranking and its traffic sources.

      Any sort of Alexa ranking means the domain receives at least some traffic. Sometimes, alexa in unable to display a sites alexa ranking but it doesn't mean that the site doesn't receives any traffic. This is because alexa has never been pinged for that particular website. In order to know a sites alexa ranking it is necessary that the website URL is submitted to alexa, only after that alexa starts tracking it.
  • Disclaimer

    This is a personal blog about money making ideas and related topics. There might be inaccuracies and the author takes no responsibility of any damage occurring due to the same. The articles posted are my personal opinions that I have gathered over the time span. My opinions are liable to change as I become more educated over the time period. No decision should be made on the basis of the articles of this blog. The author does not accept any responsibility for any damage or inconvenience caused due to the articles and opinions expressed in this blog. The readers are advised to make there research from proper sources before making any investment decision.