Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Make Money By Writing Reviews

If you are good at writing and have keen interest about writing on different and new things then this is the best way you can make money online easily just by writing reviews on different products and services. You can even write reviews on different sites and for doing so you are paid a fair enough money per review.

The amount you can earn per review varies greatly it may be 50$per review or say 15$. It could be anything. If you enjoy writing reviews, you can turn this little passion into a money making hobby. There are multiple sites that use to pay out for writing reviews.

You need to register with them and have their membership. This membership is free. You can be a member with multiple sites simultaneously. Once you are a registered member you login in personnel member area and their you can scan through the categories and search the product on which you would like to write the review.

Always write review only on those products or services or sites which you know well and have good knowledge about it. Write what you feel about it. Your likes and dislikes both regarding the product. Clearly mention its pros and cons and make it well organized. Your review will contain your affiliate link to the page that you reviewed. So, that every time a user visits a site through your review and buys any product your clickbank account is automatically credited with your commission.

You should also promote your review link through forums or different sites so that more number of people get to know about the product you reviewed and more number of viewers your review have.

For payment process its necessary you should have a clickbank account, or PayPal account. If you don't have one register for it and get your user id and password. Following are few sites that use to pay for writing reviews:
    SoftwareJudge.Com as the name suggests, accepts only software related reviews for products listed at the site. I came to this site through a forum where url was mentioned. The site claims to pay as much as 50 dollars per review you write, however i have not tried yet.
  2. Epinions.Com
    In your pay is determined by the number of page views your review generates. Be aware of the fact that every review is read by a editor and then only is activated online. So, if you try to submit a review that is not yours, you could be banned for life.
  3. DigitalPoint.Com
    DigitalPoint works differently as compared to other review writing sites. It does not require writing any reviews for any product. DigitalPoint forums are based on a profit sharing principle. You need to create a topic and participate in discussion, and half the ad revenue is yours. You have to have your own AdSense account. Each time the ad is clicked, 50% of the ad revenue will go to DigitalPoint, the other half is yours.
  4. is also a site that pays you for writing reviews. You need to have membership of it and a clickbank account for payment process. Every time a user visits a site and buys a product with your own unique affiliate link given to you by you earn your commission and the money goes automatically to your clickbank account.
It is very easy and quick to start with. So, write reviews and make money.

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