Thursday, January 5, 2012

AutoSurf A Money Making Idea

The Wikipedia definition for autosurf says that:- Autosurfs are traffic exchanges that automatically rotate advertised websites in one's web browser. Thus, they are able to bring large amount of traffic to the advertised websites. Traffic exchange are the type of website that provide a service to the webmasters in exchange of traffic.

Webmasters use to submit their websites to any traffic exchange networks that they have joined. The person who has submitted the website then has to view other members sites on the exchange program. By doing so they earn credits, which enable their sites to be viewed by other members in the surf system. This increases the number of viewers to all the sites involves in the system.

Auto-surfing is an evolved form of traffic exchanging. Traffic exchanges usually uses a manual rotation for advertising where as autosurf traffic exchange eliminated the need of manually clicking any image or text or button to view the next page-view in rotation. Autosurfers are generally paid. The more you pay the more credit you earn. And these credits in turn are further applied for pageviews in rotation. Autosurf traffic exchanges are to increase websites traffic.

Some people's use to pay for credits while others pay for upgraded membership. Most autosurfs traffic exchanges gives free membership as this is what drives traffic while some does charge some amount for membership. Later you have to pay for upgrading your membership.

Autosurfing allows members to promote website of their choice according to the system of credits earned in surfing. Members earn credits that is predetermined by the autosurf's site owner. Each page a member view is worth a part of or whole credit. For example:- 5:2 Surf Ratio means member earns 2pageviews for their site for every 5 page they view.

Many autosurfs websites offer incentives or bonuses such as some credits per referral they bring and make them a member. This is because getting new and unique viewer's to the autosurf's site increase the sites value and performance.  

There is a lot controversy that Autosurf are Ponzi Schemes that is, it is a fraudulent investment operation. If no monetary transactions are involved yet it could be Ponzis if more number of credits are earned per pageview, older members are promised a certain number of websites hit which could be fulfilled only when newer member joins it. There are also paid to surf sites where members earn no money in return.

Sometimes this autosurf network is also considered as Pyramid Scheme model. Only difference is in autosurf there is a hub which is profited by all the members joining where as in Pyramid scheme the immediate one who made the referral also earns profit. All these Pyramid Schemes, Ponzi schemes ends when no new investor is found and it follows that autosurf also has very short life say few weeks or months.

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