Friday, January 20, 2012

Make Money With Google

Google Adsense is a simple program conducted by Google through which people can earn some extra cash by displaying ads on their websites or blog. Google uses advanced algorithms with the help of which it presents to the visitors of your page a list of advertisements that are relevant to the content of your page.

Each time the visitor clicks any ad, then the owner of the ad pays some amount to the Google and Google in return gives your commission for displaying ads. This is how it all works. Though their is no fixed amount how much Google pays. It entirely depends on the type of ad, its competition in the market etc.

Their are two types of ways through which Google pays money out to its members: one is PPC that is Pay per Click program and the other is CPM that is Cost Per Hundred Impressions.

Now to start with earning money with Google as a first step you need to be a website or a blog owner signed up with Google Adsense program which is Free and then you can start posing advertisements on your blog or website. Building up a blog is not a big deal. For more check How to Start Blogging....

Once you sign up with Google Adsense, Google places ads on your website or blog just next to your content that is most relevant to your article. Now the ads that are displayed on your site, its advertiser's use to pay some amount to Google for each click that your page visitor makes on the ad. The earning that Google makes from advertiser is divided between you and Google.

Now, how much Google pays you for each ad is not fixed neither Google ever discloses this thing to its members. Yes, although time to time you can check your earning by logging up into your account of Google Adsense. If frequently you will track it, you will certainly have an average idea of how much you are being paid on each ad click.

This thing also greatly depends on the type of ad. Like any ad related to money like banks ad, Insurance ads, Investment ads, etc. give returns very nice as compared to any beauty tip ad or general or technical ad.

Again you make money through number of page Impression's that is CPM. Like for each click Google charges some amount to advertiser similarly for each page impression and displaying its ad for this also advertiser's are charged some amount. This earning is again divided between Google and you. Though its very less but you earn some bucks through it.

In order to maximize your earnings with Google its necessary you post relevant articles and content to your site. It should be well attractive and presented nicely so that visitors stay and spend longer time on your website. This increases the chance of getting more number of ads click hence more earning.

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