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How to make money through Blog and Increase Traffic?

There are multiple of ways to make money through your blog. They include:

Affiliate product Sales
Again you can join any affiliate program or network to make good online money. As earlier also, in my former post of Affiliate Marketing, I discussed about what affiliate marketing is and you can make out money from it. The same applies here.

You can join any affiliate network like Amazon, ClickBank or Commission Junction and can become an affiliate to promote different products on your blog or site. Select products that are relevant to your blog this will increase the possibility of getting it clicked.

CPC Ad Networks
By CPC I mean cost per click. There are many programs online available that use to pay you based on per click. Among those most successful and well known is Google Adsense program. This is the one which i have also been using since last 3years. Apart from Google Adsense another program is Chitika.

Basically, what they do is read your article and find which ads are relevant to it and then display them next to your article. By having the extremely relevant ads it becomes quite beneficial for the readers also and the possibility of getting that ads clicked also gets increased. When ever your ad is clicked you make your earning.

Learn what Adsense is?

CPM Ad Networks
CPM is different from CPC as unlike CPC, CPM is cost per impression. The programs that pay based on CPM are better than CPC programs. The more traffic you have, the more number of page impression you will get. 

These networks pay good only when you have huge amount of traffic to your site. There are number of CPM networks like,, and

When Google finds your article the original one that is not copied from somewhere else it ranks it very fast in its search engine and then your site starts appearing in the topmost links of Google search engine result page. It increases the possibility of having more traffic towards your site. Hence more number of page impression and clicks.

Sale E books
Again you can promote and sell eBooks on your blog. You can create one of your own also if you have writing skills or can promote other eBooks and sell it and make money. There are sites like ClickBank, Amazon that have multiple eBooks to promote and sell.

Be an Amazon Associate
You can join Amazon as an associate and can create your own product ad and amazon will place it next to its product ad. For this it will charge you little amount. Similarly you can create your own ad and divert traffic from amazon to your site or blog.

Direct Ad Sales
If you own your own site or blog then you can sale directly ad space to different advertisers to make money. Though till now it has not generated much revenue but still i would like to say that it has good scope.

Increase Traffic to your blog

Now till now it must be clear to you also that the key to this entire process is ultimately TRAFFIC. The play is all about how TRAFFIC you can generate. The more traffic you can divert to your blog the more money you can make online. So, the question arises how you can generate traffic? It is also quite easy.

See How to Increase Traffic?
Now you can Increase your earning in a very short span of time? There are some small things to do through which you can just double your earning and as the time passes by it will go on increasing.

1) Place Ads at right place
Be very particular about ads placement. Always place them where people's eyeball stops. It should be placed in that section where first sight of visitor's go. Ads should be easily seen then only there will be a chance that ads will be clicked.

2) Add Privacy Policy
Always add privacy policy section in your blog. By doing so, it makes sure to Search engines that your blog or site is authentic and genuine. This increases your ranking and helps your site link to appear in early search pages.

3) Section Targeting
Target each section of your page. It should be well organized and divided in well mannered way. It should not be in the way that make reader's more confused. Reader's should easily get what they are searching for.

4) Use different colors
Always make your article more attractive and more readable. As a general way of writing one should always use different color for heading and the entire content. Same applies here. You should always use different color for main heading and sub headings to make it more readable for readers. The content color should be different from headings color.

Use relevant images in your article if you have it to make more relevant and attractive.

5) Write what is searched
Always write articles on topics that people are searching for. If you are writing articles on such a topic that is not searched then you will not get traffic.

6) Add Google Search Bar
If you really want increase your earning through your blog then don't forget to add Google Search Bar to your blog. This actually helps you to increase your earning up to a certain extent.

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