Friday, November 11, 2011

How To Design Adwords

Once you have set up and activated your Adwords account and your billing information is entered, your ads will go on air within minutes and will be displayed in front of 1000's of potential customers. Unlike, other programs it takes just few minutes to activate your account and display ads on the search result page rather taking a day, a week, a month or something like that before your ads are displayed in front of your customers.

So, you should be very sure and targeted while designing your ads. While you are free to design and compose your ads though there are some editorial restrictions in this program. You should always take care of these restrictions while designing your ads, otherwise your Google Adwords account can even be disabled forever if you are found violating its rules (This thing applies for some rules not for all. It will be clear to you as you read this article). Some of its rules are:-

1) You should always use standard punctuation in your ads.
2) Not allowed to use exclamations in your title, nor allowed to repeat unnecessary punctuation's.
3) Can use just one single exclamation mark in your entire ad. So be sure which is the most attractive part of your ad that you would like to emphasize on.
4) Not allowed to use all capital letters in your words to emphasize on your ad such as EXCITING OFFER, FREE, BUY NOW etc. However, you can use all capital letters if your ad includes acronyms such as CPM, CPC etc.
5) You also need to use proper grammar, spelling and eliminate repetition.

These above guidelines basically emphasize on standard formatting of the ads. Now apart from formatting ads should be well concise also. For this its a rule that your title should not contain more than 25characters and you ad body should not exceed more than two lines and each line can contain at most 35characters and at last your URL. These restrictions are to maximize the effectiveness of the ad space used.

As Google always wants to maintain the quality of advertisements that it distributes, they do follow few restrictions on what type of ad they will display and also the wording used in ads. There are few features that Adwords do not accept:

1) Ads that promote some kind of weapons or drugs.
2) Ads that promote violence.
3) Ads that promote alcohol use.
4) Ads that promote illegal devices or any such substance.
5) Ads that promote fireworks or explosives.
6) Ads that promote non-family entertaining materials like adult sites or movies.
7) Ads that promote miracle cures.

Along with these restrictions you should also take care that re-routing links are not permitted nor any sort of pop ups are allowed to use. Adwords expects you to be able to support your claims about your service and products.

Now with respect to URL link Adwords require that your link is accurate and it works. Your site must have a working back button so that the viewer can easily reach back to the search result page or that network page from where he has arrived.

Make sure that you fulfill all of the above requirements as Adwords check out all these things before you are accepted in this program.

One very important tip to attract the viewer's towards your site is:

"Search for the best performing keyword in your ad group and try to include it in your ad text, especially in the title. When a user searches with that keyword your ad will appear and that keyword phrase will appear in bold font within your ad on Google."

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