Monday, November 28, 2011

How to Sell a Blog

To establish a good blog it takes months or say years and understandably a blogger also gets attached to its blog as he has invested his lots of energy, hard work, time and talent in building it. Be sure that you have built it up for the sole purpose of money making.

Any business that you set up has its value in the current time. The more successful the business is the more valuable it is for you and for everyone else who so ever are interested in it. Same is with blogs. As you spend your more time and energy in it, it becomes more successful and valuable.

There are times when people are interested in your work and want to get it. So, they do offer you some certain price for it. Now before accepting or denying that offer you need to analyze whether it is worth or not. You have to analyze your blog on several parameters to evaluate its price.

Many people asks how to value a blog? On what parameters deciding factor should be while evaluating the blogs price? Though there is no absolute way to calculate the value of a blog, but you should look at parameters like
  • How much do you earn daily from the blog and what is its future potential?
  • Since how long your blog is running?
  • How much traffic are you getting daily?
  • How many unique visitors are there to your blog?
  • List of archives and quality content.
  • Number of back links to your blog
  • Its overall place in the blogsphere
  • Domain name
There are people who are ready to pay you a good amount just because they want that domain name that your blog is holding. Just because of domain name also you can get good money in return. Infact selling domain names is a very big business is today's date on Internet.

People simply buy some hottest domain names that they think have good potential in future and when they get good buyer they simply sell it and earn great amount of money without any effort. See Domain Selling.

These are few things based on which you can evaluate your blog. Now its up to you how you weigh these things and in which order. Its once personnel opinion and way of thinking.

There are sites that you can use to sell your blog. Most well known among those is flippa can also help you to evaluate your blogs potential. Before selling it make sure you want to do it because once you sell it there is no chance of getting it back.

There are even bloggers who are trying to build up similar blogs and buying one existing content and subscriber's is much easier than starting from scratch. Someone like this in your network that already values your work, you may get more money than listing it for strangers.

This selling of blogs is a newer business on Internet to earn money but soon it will be well known and will have great potential. You can build up multiple small blogs and can put them on sale if you wish and thus can earn money online very easily.

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