Saturday, November 12, 2011

What is Click Fraud?

If you are interested in joining any Adwords program to increase your sites popularity and traffic to your site, then for sure you should also know about Click Fraud. What Click Fraud is? Click Fraud is basically a type of Internet crime that occurs in such online Pay per Click advertising program.

Also known as click spam, click fraud involves a false inflation of the number of clicks on an ad. Fraudulent click is a click in which the viewer doesn't have any interest in ads content, he is simply interested in causing a charge to the advertiser.

Often these frauds are automated by a pre-written script or a computer program. Sometimes they are made manually also. Click Fraud can be done in many ways. Sometimes the fraudulent is very innocent and he might be not knowing that he is committing a crime by doing so. 

In such case the prime intention is generally, to make an earning to his friend or colleague by simply clicking on ads that are displayed on their blogs or sites. These ads are a part of Adsense.

Other times, purpose can be far more malicious. In above case the intention is simple, to help one's friend to earn some money through Google Adsense. But when this crime happens in terms of Adwords then it is very dangerous. In this case, generally the Competitors do so. They do so in order to drain out the rival's budgets by continuously clicking their ads.

Till now we know that each advertiser have to pay some amount to Google when ever their ad is clicked on the search result page. So, what competitors does, without having any interest in ad they simply keep on clicking the ad so that the advertiser is charged again and again. 

Another damage that it does to advertiser is that, google displays a particular ad only till then, until some particular number of clicks are not made on that ad. When that threshold is met then that ad is not displayed on that day. In this way competitors make their ads to be get displayed for a longer period of time.

Another way could be that a competitor publisher may be doing these fraud clicks. His intention in this case could be to frame the webmaster publishing the pay per clicks ad so that the advertiser pull their ads and the related revenue from the site because they think that they have been defrauded by the webmaster.

Till now there is not any proper rule to stop these fraudulent clicks still Google Adwords has processes in place that weigh click activity with known fraudulent clicking behavior so as to minimize the risk of click fraud and to protect you to their best.

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